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Be the premier source for creating sustainable business and economic empowerment for

so(u)lopreneurs such as  healers, service providers, and freelancers.


Empower so(u)lopreneurs (with a focus on women) through cultivating word-of-mouth recommendations, providing business development, expanding community, educational programs, and resources to increase their business cash flow.

Values/Measures of Success

Tell ‘em is an LLC with plans to become a Benefit Corporation with a focus on the pillars of sustainable that make up the Triple Bottom Line (TBL): people, planet, and profit. As a socially responsible corporation, Tell ‘em wants what is best for the whole and makes decisions from this conscious. In addition the company values:

  • Empowerment (educating people to learn to provide for themselves)

  • Environment (good business should also be good for the planet)

  • Community (relying on trusted network versus strangers, building relationships)

  • Flow (resources, energy, wealth)

  • Healing (financial systems, relationships, local communities, ourselves)